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IoT Playbook

Nov 27, 2019


Have you ever needed to create a sales presentation for your IoT services, but not known what to say?

Or, have you delivered a webinar and nobody bought what you had to offer?

If you sell technology and need to create a sales presentation, webinar, marketing brochure, or speak at a live event, then...

Nov 20, 2019

The Shark Tank for IoT Solution Providers

If you’re an IoT vendor and are struggling to get your IoT product launched, then you’re going to want to tune in to the current episode of IoT Playbook podcast with our special guest, Tom Snyder, the director of NCRIoT.

NCRIoT has a FREE 12-week IoT accelerator program that...

Nov 13, 2019

Custom electronics professionals are building multiple streams of recurring revenue with their existing clients.

For years, we’ve listened to custom electronics professionals (CE Pros) complain that homeowners will not pay for a monthly service contract to manage their home devices. In the latest episode of IoT...

Nov 6, 2019

Forget what you know about bidding for public sector work. This innovative IoT platform and sales process just changed the game.

Selling technology to schools can be a frustrating process. You submit multiple proposals and navigate endless committees and approval processes to find out you’re just bid fodder. You do a...

Nov 6, 2019

Have you been interested in IoT, but not sure how to make money with it?

A few months back I recorded a conversation with Luis Alvarez, an IT business owner, who let me in on his secret recipe for making money with IoT.

He shares how he stumbled onto the opportunity, perfected it, and then shares three IoT managed...